WooQuote – WooCommerce Quote Plugin

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Easily Manage Your WooCommerce Quote Requests on your Shop with a full-functional Appsila low-code backend.


Activate woocommerce quote plugin and start receiving quote requests on your shop directly into your powerful Appsila Backend App.

Manage Quote Information, Make Discounts

You can easily update information on the woocommerce quote, make discounts and manage all your quotes linked with customers and products into a single system.

Mail your quotes and discount coupon to your customers

Appsila enables create automatic discount coupons on your WooCommerce and send predefined formatted emails to your customers attached with generated quote document including coupon information.

Track Products and Customers

Get customer and products information related to the quote automatically into the Appsila Backend. So that you can easily track your customers and products.

Generate Automatic Quotes with Predefined Templates

You can easily design custom woocommerce quote templates on Appsila and generate automatic quote documents both in word and pdf.

Get visual reports and real time statistics

Appsila provides real time powerful and visual report dashboards about your woocommerce quotes, customers and products.


Start with basic plan and get all the features explained or select standard or professional plans to benefit more advanced CRM features of your Appsila Backend Application



Per User/Month

billed annually

  • Leads/Customers
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Tasks and Calendar
  • Newsfeed
  • Excel Import/Export
  • Template Engine
  • Document Attachment
  • Dynamic Reports and Dashboard
  • Customization (1 Extra Module, 10 fields/module)
  • 1 Workflow/Module
  • 2 Profiles + 2 Roles
  • 10.000 Records
  • 5GB Storage



Per User/Month

billed annually

Basic Plan


  • Suplliers
  • Orders
  • Stock Management
  • Accounts Transactions
  • Campaign Management
  • Customization (2 Modules, 20 Fileds/Module)
  • 5 Workflows/Module
  • 5 Profiles + 5 Roles
  • 50.000 Records
  • 10GB Storage



Per User/Month

billed annually

Standard Plan


  • Sales Forecasts
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customization (10 Modules, 200 Fields/Module)
  • 50 Workflows/Module
  • Unlimitted Profiles and Roles
  • Unlimitted Records
  • 50 GB Storage

Enterprise Services

Special Offer
50+ Users and Custom Services

  • Business Process Analysis and Modelling Service
  • Custom Module Design
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom Report Design
  • Custom BI Dashboard Design
  • Template Design
  • Custom WP and WooCommece Integration
  • Data Migration Service
  • Real Time Training
  • Real Time Support

Extra Resources and Extensions

  • Business Intelligence: 15$/user/month
  • Digital Softphone: 5$/user/month
  • Full-Text Document Search: 25$/user/month
  • API Access: 20$/account/month
  • Additional Resource Package: 6$/account/month
    +20.000 Records
    +1 Module


Appsila provides a cloud based software platform, so you do not need to pay for any server, networking, hosting, maintanance costs. 

Appsila has an auto-scalable network and software architecture,  so the system will not have any performance downgrade in intensive usage. Furthermore best security practices are followed in system desing and regularly being audited and updated according to new security threats. 

Appsila has out-of-the-box support for both role based and profile based access control allows you build the right level of security for protecting your data. 

Appsila has responsive design, so you can use the system both from web and mobile without any usability problems.  

The main advantage of Appsila Low-Code Apps is the PrimeApps platform that enables customization on the modules according to your needs.  By drag-drop functionality you can either modify the existing fields of a module or add your own modules to the backend app easily. 

You can integrate your app with various systems through the system’s RESTful API connectivity layer.

You can visualize your data with state-of-the-art data warehouse and advanced analytics and improve your decision making capability with beatiful and easy to understand charts.

You can create event based workflows and approval processes through the UI in order to model your internal  business processes right inside your application.

Appsila has built-in template engine which enables create formatted template word and pdf documents in order to generate automatic documents inside your app. 

Appsila enables filter and enable records data to Excel and import Excel data into the system via an advanced import wizard.

You can easily create new views by selecting the fields to be displayed, make ordering with drag-drop, assign filtering criterias and share the views with other users. 

You can define your SMTP settings in the system and can send bulk formatted emails to the selected records.

You can filter your records and can make bulk delete or update operations easily.

Appsila offers advanced filtering and search capabilities i.e. operands like starts with, contains, equal to, not equal to, is empty, not empty, greater than, less than etc.

API Connectivity is provided through API Manager Extensiton. Please Contact Us to obtain a API token