WordPress Integrated Low-Code Apps adds a fully functional cloud backend to your wordpress site and dramatically increase your power on bridging the gap between the wordpress’ awesome frontend and CMS capabilities with your backend business processes.

Using PrimeAPPS' powerful features, we provide you perfect wordpress apps with a robust backend that you can easily customize according to your needs without writing any code.

Powerful Features On The Fly

Low-Code SaaS Application Development

Create new modules with drag-n-drop functionality, configure field dependencies and module relations easily.

Workflow Engine

Build event based and time based workflows easily, through the UI. Model your internal business processes right inside your application.

Open API Connectivity

Integrate your app with various systems through the fully documented and open RESTful APIs.

Advanced User Access Management

Out-of-the-box support for both role based and profile based access control allows you build the right level of security for protecting your data.

Dynamic Analytics and Reporting

Visualize your data with state-of-the-art data warehouse and advanced analytics. Improve your decision making capability with beautiful and easy-to-understand charts.

Instantly publish both mobile and web

Take advantage of service oriented architecture by instantly publishing to both mobile and web.